Food for Thought on Veteran’s Day

Food for thought this veterans day:
900, 000 veterans are on food stamps.
$84 million was spent in military commissaries last year by active duty military using food stamps.
The GOP has a bill before Congress to cut $23 Billion in SNAP (food stamps).
So, who is a freeloader, GOP?
Additionally, in response to the idea that all others who receive food stamps are freeloaders, please consider the following data:
As I was searching for the first two graphics from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities that I use in my research on poverty in America, I found a number of interesting Meme’s.
Here is one type of example this Veteran’s Day:
Sadly, what I learned as a scrolled through meme’s about food stamps: any one who needs convincing that the majority does not blame poor non-whites for their tax burden needs to do a google search on “food stamp meme” for other examples about how we think about poverty in America.
You are blaming the wrong people.

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