Jyl has had the opportunity to work for over twenty years at the intersection of academia and public policy. Currently, she is a candidate for Kettering City Council and works as an adjunct professor at United Theological Seminary and as an affordable housing advocate in Dayton, Ohio.  Her previous experience with non-profits includes World Vision, World Relief and the Congressional Hunger Center where she worked with Arianna Huffington, and multiple U.S. Representatives and Senators to drive change in U.S. policy as well as provide development support in various parts of the world.  She serves on multiple boards including County Corp, Faith 2020, Vice President Biden’s Faith-Based advisory team, Dayton Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative and Economic Development Committees, Dayton Leadership, and the City of Kettering’s Board of Community Relations. Jyl received her PhD from Asbury Seminary where her research focus was poverty in Dayton, Ohio.